Not just pictures for babies....

Kate can also paint a personalised painting for the grown ups!


How about your a unique original watercolour of your house with family members playing in the garden?

Simpler house portraits with no family members can also be created.

Or a beautiful watercolour of you pet.

  • Woodcocks farm 2011
  • Ruby mini watercolour
  • Mary
  • Emma brookes framed

House and family paintings

Family welly paintings

A new addition to the baby name pictures range, are family wellington boot paintings, featuring pets and other animals. 

Welly prints are proving to be very popular!


Perfect for a country family - or anyone who wears wellies!

Pet portraits

Kate can also design a unique portrait featuring hobbies, pets and  family members.


  • Gemma and Nick framed
  • Emma and Richard
  • Lydia nov15

Wedding paintings featuring the happy couple and wedding venue are also popular gifts!


Wedding paintings